A Digital Artifact

Well, this is my digital artifact to be submitted as final work in the Coursera´s E-Learning and Digital Cultures. My proposal is 100% utilitary, This is a crash course on programming intended for undergraduate students on business/economy, it may serve for any other students with or without prior experience in computing languages. The course goal is to teach the fundamentals of Python programming in just 3 days.

I doesn´t used fancy videos, sounds or detailed explanations in the course itself, because the nature of the subject is better explained in written (coded) form. However the course contains links who refer to the website where contents are based, with examples in video for longer explanations.

The innovation is that no theoretical or basic knowledge is included, students not even are asked to solve problemas by their own. It only show 10 practical problems on programming coded with Python, from the simplest to some quite sophisticated.

The aim is to provide a fast track for people with previous experience in other programming languages, or a not-so-fast introduction for people with no previous experience. The method is to copy, test and try to understand every example, who has been carefully selected to cover the fundamentals. Links are included for those who want to enhance their experience with the language, the students can go as far as they wish at their own pace.

The course is based in another online course called Python for Informatics, from Dr. Charles Severance. I enrolled to learn Python myself in a quick way. The experience was so effective with me, that I decided to extract the best of the sequence of problems taking advantage of generous Creative Commons license from Dr. Chuck´s material. Most of contents of this artifact are original and are also subject to Creative Commons 3.0 non ported license, which roughly means that you can copy and modify at your wish but you have to: 1) mention the source, 2) if you modify you must allow that others modify also and 3) can not be used with commercial purposes without my permission (click at the C.C. icons at bottom of this page for all the legal yaba-daba).

So, I invite you to click here and try Learn Python in 3 Days, I hope you enjoy following as much as I enjoyed making it.

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